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What is the function of your new web site going to be? Will it simply be an online busines card with address, phone number, and hours of operation? Will you have an on line shopping cart so customers can shop directly from your site? What will your target audience be? Do you have a dot com, a private mail box, and web hosting all set up? Do you accept PayPal? How about a Wordpress blog and FaceBook page promoting your brand? Got a local business license for buying stock wholesale? Iconacraft LLC has been doing a lot more than designing web sites since 1999. We are a great team with a ton of experience setting up successful businesses on and off line. One consultation with us could help steer you in the right direction saving you lots of time and money. Got a question about your next web site? Contact us by clicking the email link at the bottom of this page.

Iconacraft Web Services
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A few samples of our web design:
ModernWife.com - NaturalHealthSupply.com - PositiveOffset.com - TimeBrats.comJackOLantern.org - ClarkZapper.net
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